Artisanal Distillation

Unmatched Purity and Quality

Flavorful Complexity

Rich, Nuanced Taste Experience

Aged to Perfection

Time-Honored Maturation Process

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Tequila Patrizia Lamborghini - ANEJO | 100% Agave
Tequila Patrizia Lamborghini - ANEJO | 100% Agave

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Tequila Patrizia Lamborghini - ANEJO | 100% Agave

Masterful Blend of Color, Aroma, and Taste


A stunning amber, gleaming with golden sparkles that add an enticing visual appeal, reminiscent of a sunlit Mexican agave field.


The scent is smooth and pleasant, not overpowering but gently filling the senses.

It carries distinct notes of wood, a clear testament to its perfect aging time, transporting you to the tranquil, rustic aging cellars


The flavor is a delightful harmony of sweet and vigorous oak, with fine undertones of walnut and hazelnut.

This blend of flavors creates a satisfyingly complex taste profile, inviting the palate to explore and appreciate every sip.


Having rested for 24 months in barrels and has been given ample time to develop and refine its flavors, demonstrating our commitment to patient craftsmanship and quality.


With an alcohol content of 40%, it strikes a balanced note between potency and smoothness, ensuring a delightful tasting experience without overpowering the refined flavor profile.

Size: 750ml

Experience the Legacy: Patrizia Lamborghini Tequila

Tequila Patrizia Lamborghini captures the very essence of luxury, exclusivity and Italian craftsmanship, a combination only the Lamborghini Estate can truly offer. Carrying on Ferruccio Lamborghini's passion for perfection, his daughter Patrizia Lamborghini infuses her refined taste into every bottle, blending heritage with innovation.

Our tequila isn't just about sipping on a fine spirit; it's about immersing yourself in a lifestyle, a legacy, and an experience that's genuinely Lamborghini. Crafted with utmost precision and care in the hands of skilled artisans and matured over years, our tequila offers a distinct taste that transports you to the heart of Italy with every sip.

A drink that truly stands in a league of its own, embodying the pursuit of quality that the Lamborghini name is renowned for.

Enjoy the tradition, savor the taste, experience the luxury. That's the Lamborghini promise.

We have answers!


How should I best enjoy Lamborghini tequila?

While this tequila is smooth enough to be sipped neat, it can also be enjoyed in a traditional tequila cocktail or paired with a meal to enhance its flavors.

How long is the tequila aged?

Aged for 24 months in barrels, which imbues it with its rich flavor and deep amber color.

What flavors can I expect from this tequila?

This tequila offers a delightful harmony of sweet and vigorous oak, with fine undertones of walnut and hazelnut.

Is the tequila additive free?

Yes! Tequila Patrizia Lamborghini is additive-free, which means that we do not add anything to our tequila that alters the taste, smell or color.

What does it mean that the tequila is double distilled?

Double distillation means the tequila goes through the distillation process twice. This refines the spirit, resulting in a cleaner, smoother taste.

What's the story behind the partnership between Lamborghini and the tequila producer?

Lamborghini, renowned for its commitment to excellence, has partnered with TEQUILA GALINDO, a family-owned company with a rich history dating back to the 19th century and a passion for artisanal tequila production.

This partnership brings together two brands that share a commitment to quality, tradition, and the creation of exceptional experiences.

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